Yemen & Syria Bread Appeal

Yemen & Syria Bread Appeal

With years of conflict destroying economies in both Yemen and Syria, the impact of COVID 19 is now causing inflation to soar in these countries. Bread is becoming even harder to obtain, and millions of people at risk of starvation, hunger and endless suffering.

10 years on, Syria has seen over 12 million people displaced. 3 million of these people are struggling to survive in the dreadful conditions of Idlib. Shelter has always been a major issue, but now there are growing concerns over the security of food.

Another conflict ravages on 2,500km away leaving 18 million people in need of aid and over 14 million people at risk of starvation. One child dies every ten minutes in Yemen; this horrifying statistic is very daunting for any aid relief organization.

Yes, we are all very disheartened, but you can do something about it. Little by little we can make a huge difference.

Our Response

We have now launched our £1 bread appeal for Yemen and Syria.
£1 in Yemen can provide bread to 20 people or in Syria to 30 people (both are equally in need.)

Take up the challenge now and donate just £1 for their daily bread!

Please donate now and help save lives.

yemen and syria bread


Take up the challenge now and donate just £1 for their daily bread!

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