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Four out of five of the 24 million population are in need of emergency Aid. Three years of war in Yemen has left almost 18.8 million people in need of humanitarian assistance, as well as protection. A little over 10 million require emergency attention. The conflict is pushing the country towards a rapid decline. Millions are without proper food, clean water and basic healthcare. Source – WHO.

GRT have registered offices in Yemen and are leading charity working on the ground in Yemen. From providing specialist care to children suffering from malnutrition to patients with cancer, we are there to ensure we cover every sector of need in Yemen. We are also pleased to announce the set up of our first bread factory in Yemen, providing bread daily to over 5000 people.

How you can help:

  • £50 – one food pack for a family per month
  • £10 jerry cans for a family for 1 month
  • £150 to provide 30,000 liter of water to a village
  • £30 for full cholera treatment
  • £100 – Kidney dialysis medicine and supplies
  • £50 – Life saving medicine severely ill patients
  • £500 to provide 6 months treatment for a child suffering from malnutrition