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Winter Appeal

Winter Appeal 2022

winter appeal

Keep them warm. With winter looming ever closer, those of us fortunate enough to have heating will be turning it up and relaxing in the warmth of our homes. However, millions across the globe will not be as privileged. With over 7 million children being displaced this year alone, for them this winter will be especially harsh. Only £5 can keep them warm by providing gloves and hats for those in desperate need.

Keep them fed. The pandemic and other major world events have significantly impacted global food production. With rising food prices many will go days without food, with mothers sacrificing their own food to feed their children. It is our mission to prevent this, through your donations we can provide families with quality food to sustain themselves over this worrying time. A donation of £60 can feed a family for a month. Your support will mean someone will not have to sleep on an empty stomach.

Keep them alive. The winter season claims the lives of almost 5 million people annually. Flooding and snowstorms will leave millions without homes, struggling in makeshift tents and unable to afford food or warmth. Through GRT you can make a difference. You can be the difference between life and death, your donation no matter the amount, will save a life this winter.

Help save a life and donate now to our Winter Emergency Appeal.

Keep them fed:
£5 – Provide up to 20 meals
£30 – Provide up to 120 meals
£60 – Feed a family for a month

Keep them warm:
£5 – Children’s gloves and hats
£20 – Blankets
£30 – Fuel for heating for a month
£100 – Family clothes pack

Build them a home:
£200 – Syria, Pakistan, Bangladesh

Your generosity can potentially save lives right now



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