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Winter Appeal

Emergency Winter Appeal - Snowstorms Syria/Lebanon

winter appeal

Over the past week, snowstorms across Syria and neighbouring countries has left millions of displaced Syrians at risk of freezing and has killed at least three children.

The severe snowstorms in Syria have already damaged hundreds of tents in camps affecting thousands of displaced Syrians. According to the United Nations “children and elderly people are struggling to survive in flimsy tents in subzero temperatures.”

Khurbat Al-Jozz is among the communities that are worst inflicted by the rain and snow for it is in mountain areas and roads to it are mostly damaged or blocked. Blocked roads and poor weather conditions mean aid organisations unable to respond and are struggling to reach hundreds of thousands of families trapped in the storm.

In Lebanon there is heavy rain and temperatures are close to freezing, causing tents to collapse. Flash floods are washing away the tents and the very few belongings people have.

Camps in Arsal have been cut off due to heavy snowstorms with 1 million refugees in need of winter aid. Team GRT UK had plans to visit camps to deliver essential aid however they are currently stuck due to delays and heavy snow. Our team hope to distribute essential blankets, food parcels and fuel tomorrow, Friday and Saturday.

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