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Winter Appeal

This Winter Don’t Let Them Freeze - Winter Appeal 2021

With winter around the corner, tens of millions of displaced people in refugee camps and conflict zones will have to contend with homelessness and hunger and harsh freezing temperatures.

At the severe peak of those experiencing calamity, displaced Syrian and Yemeni families face the danger of living out in the open air or in makeshift camps without access to heating, warm clothing and nourishing food – the most basic elements necessary for survival.

In Gaza, the crippling siege of land, air and sea cements grinding poverty amidst the daily struggle to survive against conflict, minimal water resources and electricity. Winter is a time of real and terrible struggle.

We will be distributing emergency relief across the globe throughout the winter months, during our winter appeal. Our teams are working in war-torn Gaza, Yemen and Syria. We will be in refugee camps in Turkey, Lebanon and the Rohingya refugee camps  as well as poverty-stricken communities in Pakistan, Kashmir, and Bangladesh.

Your generosity can potentially save lives right now



GRT are distributing emergency relief across the globe throughout the winter months. Don’t let them freeze this winter.

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