Winter Charity Appeal

Winter Charity Appeal

Around the world, hungry children huddle around stoves for warmth. Many must wade through freezing cold dirty water in the camps wearing just sandals and flip flops. Anguished parents sweep snow from their makeshift tents to stop them from collapsing. Other families try to survive in old, abandoned buildings. This is the chilling reality for millions of families in places like Gaza, Yemen, Syria and the refugee camps in Lebanon during this winter.

Last winter, children were found frozen to death in camps. Their little lifeless bodies were a sharp reminder of how cold it can get in places we assume are warm. But the reality is Winter is back.

With a frostier bite. Wishes around the world all share the same sentiment; food, clean water, medicine & warmth.

Many refugees have been stuck in the same place for years now with the same terrible conditions. Life has become a constant struggle, especially during the season of winter. Unfortunately for them, winter has become a nightmare.

How will this year be any different? What does this mean to you? What is winter for them?

Lets keep them warm together for as little as £5. Help us with our winter charity appeal.