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Wedding Day Charity

“And of everything we created a pair, that perhaps you may remember.” (Qur’an 51:49)

A big congratulation on your special day, may you and your partner have many years of happiness, success and tranquility.

Start your prosperous marriage by giving in the path of Allah SWT to seek His blessing and pleasure.

Give your Sadaqah Jariyah either towards providing water for a family or educating an orphan.

  • £250 – provides an Orphanage or School with hot meals
  • £250 – hand pump for much needed water (Bangladesh with 20 year warranty)
  • £1000 – feeds a village hot meals

OR any amount you want to contribute.

Please Note: Please ensure your plaque message or media requirement are included in the comments section on the website once your payment has been processed via the website.

Please donate now and help save lives.



Give charity on your special day as a Sadaqah Jariyah.

Donation Payment Plan: