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Volunteer With Us

Financial donations are vital to help us achieve our goals to help those in need, but your time and skills are equally valued and appreciated.  Perhaps you’re a university student, or someone who has had a career break and has some free time. Or even if you’re a busy bee but want to do something worthwhile and rewarding with your weekends or holidays, we would love your help.  There is nothing more gratifying than using your time for a good cause and if you share or develop some new skills at the same time, it’s a win-win situation for everyone! If you like an office environment, we could use your help with admin work. Or perhaps you’d prefer to be out and about, helping at events and the planning that takes place prior.  If you want to develop your cool media skills, you could film and photograph our events to help our marketing. We’d love your ideas for, and for you to take part in new and innovative fundraising challenges.   At our shop in Birmingham, get to know and serve customers in your local community while using your organisational and creative skills to manage the look and feel of the shop.

Our Commitment to Volunteers

We would love you to share with us your time and skills and in return, we are eager to engage and support you in all aspects of our work, helping you to develop valuable new skills and experiences.  We will endeavour to meet good practice in volunteer management standards and provide opportunities for your growth by developing training programmes and recognising your achievements. We also aim to conduct a yearly feedback survey to evaluate how our volunteers feel and help us identify areas in which we can improve. 

Be a Volunteer