IDLIB Emergency Response

Idlib Emergency Response – Syria

A major bloodbath is taking place in the Syrian province of Idlib, where a major military offensive is threatening the lives of 3 million civilians. Their darkest hour yet, the people of Idlib are in dire need. Reports are coming out that families have only trees for their refuge and shelter after fleeing bombardment. Over 500,000 are now homeless after having been internally displaced already.

Idlib remains the last area of refuge for Syria’s war-torn families. Over a million refugees have been displaced from other parts of Syria into Idlib since the beginning of the conflict, with at least half of the population children. 

Global Relief Trust has launched an emergency appeal to provide vital aid for those in Idlib. We need your help to provide food, medical aid and other essential supplies. 

The situation in North West Syria.

Since 2011, the conflict in North West Syria has escalated even further, putting over 3 million people in severe danger.

Over 60 Hospitals have been destroyed in the past few weeks and the death toll is rising as a result of the cold harsh winter. Vital services such as water and electricity have been cut off and 170,000 children are in desperate need of humanitarian aid.

Global Relief Trust are providing emergency food, water, hygiene essentials and shelter for the innocent families who have been forced to flee the deadly violence.

These families desperately need your support!

These are some of the children who attended one of our schools and are recently displaced. Feedback by one of the teachers:

“I do not know where to start! The story, in short, is that we are a defenseless people, we have nothing, and there is a hateful criminal regime that uses all weapons against us, even internationally prohibited.

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Help the suffering in Iblib, Syria.

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Sadaqah, Zakat

Idlib, Syria is in need

Abbad Farms is one of the villages whose people were forced to flee to escape the air and ground attacks of the Assad regime. The school that provided science and entertainment to students was occupied, and students and their families were displaced between the camps in the northwest of Syria.
Most of them went out without carrying any belongings from their home, just some blankets and clothes that could never prevent the cold from the winter.
They could not live in one place all, as they were spread over several areas separated, and the largest gathering was in Harem, near the Turkish-Syrian border, where about 30 families gathered.

When we say 30 families, this means that we have about 100 of our students in school, who numbered over 300 students before displacement.
There are many students from other schools who live in the same place in nearby camps, where the number can reach a minimum of more than 250 students.

What we want is to continue supporting the school, so that we do not lose our children and our efforts over the past years, especially the effort that GRT helped us thankfully during the first semester.
We need your understanding on this point, and consider with compassion for students and teachers who have no homes or any shelter other than miserable tents.

We intend to purchase ten tents if we do not find an organization that gives us tents free of charge, in order to make them classrooms where we pursue the minimum level of education possible under these difficult circumstances.
We all hope that GRT will remain the big heart and white hands that contribute to alleviating the suffering of children and their families.”