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Turkey/Syria Earthquake Appeal

Major earthquake in Turkey and Syria – Live – large earthquake strikes as death toll increases to over 50,000.

The situation here in Turkey and Syria is absolutely devastating. We were carrying out distributions across northern Syria and whilst we slept we were awoken by the shaking of the earth.

The members at Global Relief Trust immediately set out to provide aid wherever and however we could. After learning that our offices in Antakya had been destroyed and that family members of the office were missing or dead.

We sprawled the streets of Antakya providing aid wherever we could, giving food and water to those that needed it.

With the resources we had we weren’t able to save those trapped under buildings, sandwiched between concrete floors. With tears in our eyes we had to move on to find our missing team.

Global Relief Trust has been working nonstop to support everyone in this disaster. We will be tirelessly working to provide food, medicine, and shelter to all those effected.

We are urging everyone to donate whatever they can to support our Syrian and Turkish brothers and sisters. The cries of men, women, and children upon learning of their families fates were truly heartbreaking.

We cannot sit idly while they suffer. We must help. We must send them our supper. We must show them that we care.

Donate right now, save lives!



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