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Question: What is the importance of giving Sadaqah?

When performed to gain the pleasure of Allah SWT, all good deeds whether material, physical or spiritual are referred to as Sadaqah. Shaitan does not want us to give Sadaqah, but we should give it at any cost. A Qur’anic verse says (to the nearest words):

Shaitan frightens you with poverty, commands you to be niggardly and to do foul deeds; he does not want you to give Sadaqah. But Allah promises forgiveness and abundant blessings from His grace. Allah is bounteous and knows everything thoroughly. [Al-Baqarah 268]

Giving Sadaqah is a means to remove difficulty and afflictions that come your way.

“Charity (Sadaqah) extinguishes sin, just as water extinguishes fire.”

– Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Tirmidhi 614

Your Sadaqah or Lillah can help us to meet the needs of the poor and vulnerable.

Donate Kindly.

During this Coronavirus pandemic, thousands of people have sadly lost their lives and millions have become infected. Sadaqah is now needed more than ever, not only to help those in need if aid, but as a way of asking Allah  (SWT) to heal you when you are ill or on behalf of someone who is ill.

For our own success, we should spend time, money and efforts in giving Sadaqah for the pleasure of Allah as the rewards of Sadaqah are nothing but success, especially in the Hereafter:

“The likeness of those who spend for Allah’s sake is as the likeness of a grain of corn, it grows seven ears, every single ear has a hundred grains, and Allah multiplies (increases the reward of) for whom He wills, and Allah is sufficient for His creatures’ needs, All-Knower).” (Qur’an, 2:261)

Sadaqah is not judged by how big or small it is, but on how it helps people and how regularly it is done. It is not an obligation but instead a practice performed to cleanse your soul, ward off calamities and put your heart and mind at ease.

You can give a one off donation or give small amount regularly with our monthly set up schemes.

Please donate now and help save lives.


In Islamic terminology, the word Sadaqah means to voluntarily give charity out of the goodness of one’s heart. This is not an Islamic obligation, but rather a practice conducted to help those in need or the deprived. This act goes to show the strength of the believer’s faith and increases it further. Sadaqah does not refer solely to money in Islam because a Sadaqah can be anything as small as flashing a smile towards a stranger or removing an obstacle or thorn from a path. It is simply a deed that in helps someone else, in any way. Sadaqah is a very easy form of charity and can be conducted by anyone to help them increase their faith.

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Please donate now and help save lives.

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