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Violent attacks on the minority Rohingya community in Myanmar left thousands dead, and hundreds of thousands fleeing to Bangladesh in search of safety. There are over 1 million Rohingyan refugees living in the extremely densely populated refugee camps in area of Cox’s Bazaar and Teknaf on the coast of Bangladesh. Every day, there are refugees still arriving in Bangladesh, facing a future living in crowded camps with issues of sanitation, clean access to water, food shortages, spread of illnesses; a future without hope.

How you can help

  • £50 – one family per month
  • £125 for a tap (donation towards a well),
  • £1500 for a deep well with up to 12 taps
  • £3,000 for a mega well which provides 30 taps and up to 30,000 liters daily
  • £1000 – hot kitchen to feed 500 people
  • £250 towards a life saving operation
  • £200 for a child’s education for a year
  • £360 Orphan sponsorship