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Qurbani 2023

Qurbani Appeal - Fulfil your sacrifice for the pleasure of Allah

Join us this Eid ul-Adha in fulfilling one of the most rewarding Islamic obligations – the Qurbani.

What is Qurbani?

Qurbani or Udhiya literally means to sacrifice an animal, a beautiful act of devotion and gratitude towards our Creator. Every year, between the 10th and 12th days of Dhul Hijjah (the final month of the Islamic calendar), Muslims worldwide honour the prophetic tradition by reliving the story of Prophet Ibrahim’s (AS) unwavering submission to Allah’s command. Join the millions of faithful who commemorate this act of sacrifice as a reminder of our unshakeable faith in Allah’s love and mercy.

Let’s remember the spirit of Prophet Ibrahim’s (AS) sacrifice and reflect on the bounties we’ve been blessed with.

At Global Relief Trust, we ensure your act of worship reaches those who need it the most on time. With your support, we source and sacrifice the healthiest animals, making the most out of your donations.

Make Eid ul-Adha extraordinary for those living in poverty and let your charity be a means for them to enjoy the festival of sacrifice. Donate now and bring the joy of Eid to others!

The significance of Qurbani

The beautiful tradition of Qurbani, dating back to Prophet Ibrahim (AS), is a sacred act that honours the story of sacrifice and devotion to Allah SWT. Eid-al-Adha, the celebrated ‘Festival of Sacrifice’, marks the twelfth month of the Islamic calendar, Dhul Hijjah. During this auspicious time, Hajj is performed, meat is sacrificed, and distributed to the less fortunate.

Your Qurbani can gift up to 60 meals. Can you imagine how many smiles you could bring? Your contribution can directly assist widows, orphans, refugees, the poor and the elderly around the world. For many of these families, having meat is a luxury they can only dream of – until now!

Share the abundance of your Qurbani and help the less fortunate have a wholesome feast to celebrate the joys of Eid with millions of others around the globe!



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