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New Attacks in Gaza

The recent conflicts in Gaza have left many families in despair. Being one of the leading charities in the world, Global Relief Trust has been actively providing aid to the needy in the region. Our team is currently on the ground, distributing food and water to those affected by the strikes. We understand the impact that the conflict has on the locals, and it is our utmost priority to provide them with the basic necessities of life. Moreover, we are providing them with survival kits and emergency packs to help them overcome the tough times. It is indeed the time when we all need to come together to offer our support and prayers to those afflicted by the Gaza conflict.

  • Gaza is the city with the highest unemployment rates in the world (46 percent and rising)
  • 80% of the 2 million people are dependent on international aid
  • Since the 2000 blockade, there has been a 60% increase in malnutrition
  • By 2014, 10 percent of children in Gaza were inflicted with stunting and chronic malnutrition which will have a lifelong impact on their growth and health.

Our Response

Help us save lives and provide emergency aid to those in need.

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