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Pakistan Appeal

The riots in Pakistan have left the major cities in the country in chaos. Global Relief Trust CEO Ajmal Ramzan is currently in the country, working tirelessly to help those in need. Our team is providing hot meals and MREs to those who are worst affected by the riots. We understand how important it is to provide emergency aid in times of need, and it is our endeavour to help the needy in every possible way. We urge everyone to come together and support our cause so that we can continue to make a positive impact on the lives of people affected by such conflicts around the world. Let us all stand together and help the cause of humanity.

A highly populated country, Pakistan is also host to one of the largest refugee populations in the world (1.4 million). In addition to the struggle to overcome widespread poverty, vulnerable communities are regularly forced to contend with the effects of earthquakes and droughts. Reconstruction costs in the aftermath have placed additional stresses on Pakistan’s fragile economy and on local families. Those in rural areas especially suffer from deprivation – many live in some of the most challenging terrains in the world, making it almost impossible for them to access clean water and healthcare.

  • 45% of workers earn less than $2/day
  • Life expectancy is just 66 years (World Bank, 2015)
  • 44% of children under the age of 5 suffer from stunting (UN World Food Programme, 2017)
  • Over half of the population are illiterate (UNESCO, 2014)

Our Response

  • Global Relief Trust has been working in Pakistan to:
    • build medical facilities which will significantly benefit the people of the community in areas where healthcare is currently non-existent.
    • provide food distribution in those areas that are not easily accessible
    • provide hundreds of hand pumps in the Sindh and Punjab regions

Please donate now and help save lives.

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Riots in Pakistan have made life even more hard for the poor and needy. Donate now.