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Help provide Most urgent for Global Relief Trust to provide aid anywhere in the world. with our networks and partners around the world, Global Relief Trust can provide emergency response anywhere where there is a need.

By donating to our Most urgent fund you can help us be there whenever, wherever people are facing crisis, war, and displacement.

Donate now so we’re always prepared to help in times of desperate need

When catastrophe strikes – such as an earthquake, a conflict, a hurricane or flood – the danger to life and health can quickly overcome people’s capacity to endure. Your donation means we can reach them fast with emergency assistance – water, food and protection – to help them survive. And we stick around to work with local communities so that people stand a better chance of recovering and rebuilding their lives free from poverty.

Every penny counts when it comes to Most urgent, and we are so grateful that you would choose to help save lives. So we promise to use your donation wisely. That means we will:

  • Administer your donation efficiently, putting your gift to work effectively.
  • Acknowledge and welcome all new supporters and provide information and insight about Global Relief Trusts work.
  • Keep you up-to-date on how your support is helping to change lives for some of the world’s poorest communities.

Donate whatever amount you can now! General donations will be placed in an emergency response fund!