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Medical Appeal

Globally, 25% of all deaths are a direct result of lack of access to basic medical care.  Poor health and poverty are inseparable factors perpetuating vicious cycles of misery. Beyond medicine and treatment, successful healthcare programmes must incorporate all aspects of life. 

Global Relief Trust has provided medical and healthcare to the poor and needy from its inception. We have extensive experience working on the field, from the world’s largest refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar to conflict zones including Yemen and Syria and countries with simply poor health facilities. We have been sending world class medical and surgical experts to set up field hospitals and provide invaluable training for local medical and frontline staff.

Further than this, we provide:

  • training workshops to communities on healthy diet and lifestyle practices
  • school meals to prevent child malnutrition
  • free cataract surgery and treatment in Bangladesh
  • cholera treatment to Rohingya children

The Gift of Vision is a special project where we provide cataract surgery, gifting the needy with their sight. This simple but miraculous life-changing procedure costs as little as £50.

A donation to our General Medical project means that your contribution will go to those with the most urgent needs at that time.

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