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Livelihood Projects

Worldwide, over 1.3 billion people are living on less than $2 a day – when you are so far behind, it’s hard to get ahead

Our emergency aid programmes are crucial in providing a lifeline for those in dire straits.  In the long term however, people want to stand on their own two feet with the means for providing for their own families and retaining their dignity.  At Global Relief Trust, it is crucial for us that the poorest and most vulnerable people across the world are given the opportunity to transform their lives for the better. By providing the means to increase or earn their own household income we can empower people to break out of the brutal cycle of poverty and support their families for a better and more sustainable future.

Global Relief Trust serves communities locally through empowerment, engagement and effective development. We also address more complex needs, such as community-managed savings and loan groups, as well as micro-finance to fuel the local economy. We train those in need to develop their businesses, improve farming methods and work together to form cooperatives. 

We have been providing thousands of widows and poor families with the training and finances to start their own businesses and projects. We have also equipped them with sewing machines, rickshaws, tractors and engineering and mechanical kits.

By supporting Global Relief Trust, you are helping families break themselves out of the cycle of poverty and build a more prosperous and stable future for their communities.

£300 will pay for a complete a livelihood course and/or set up a small business where an adult will learn new skills and be provided with the equipment needed to set up their own business. Any donation, however small, will go towards helping a person in need to work their way out of poverty.

Let’s help families out of poverty together

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