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Our brothers and sisters have been suffering in India for several decades from a lack of trade, poor education, a falling economy and an appalling standard of living. This is in turn creating an all too predictable cycle of poverty which most families are all too familiar with.

Team GRT have been supporting orphans in a school in Kashmir, to ensure that orphan children are educated, ensuring that they have the school uniform paid for, their school fees are paid for and all the educational resources that they need are also all paid for. We have also done qurbani there which helps feed the many poor people during Eid Al Adha, who can have freshly cooked meat on Eid day. 

How you can help 

  • £50 – one family per month
  • £250 towards a life saving operation
  • £200 for a child’s education for a year
  • £360 Orphan sponsorship