Gaza Response Fund

The crippling effects of the last attacks in Gaza in 2014 can still be felt by the people, when 1,523 people were killed and over 11,000 were injured – 10 percent of whom now suffer permanent disability. The disproportionate amount of disabilities in addition to already hostile working conditions has contributed to a drastic rise in unemployment, adding a huge burden to families.

  • Gaza is the city with the highest unemployment rates in the world (46 percent and rising)
  • 80% of the 2 million people are dependent on international aid
  • Since the 2000 blockade, there has been a 60% increase in malnutrition
  • By 2014, 10 percent of children in Gaza were inflicted with stunting and chronic malnutrition which will have a lifelong impact on their growth and health.

Yet there is an even bigger problem facing the residents of Gaza – currently 97% of the available water is not suitable for even agriculture let alone human consumption.  It is expected that by 2020, there will be no safe drinking water available.

Our Response

With the looming water crisis, Global Relief Trust’s main priority in Gaza is on the provision of water systems such as desalination units – which take water from sea and process it into safe, clean drinking water.

In addition, we provide daily nutritional food packs for families – particularly the families of widows and orphans.  Please donate now and help support our crucial life-saving work in Palestine

Please donate now and help save lives.