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Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Ideas

Passionate about helping those in need but short on personal funds?

Have family/friends/colleagues/neighbours?

Have you ever been in the position where a cause touches your heart and you’re desperate to help, but your bank balance says otherwise? There is no need to feel defeated – unless you live alone on an island, you would be surprised at how much you can raise and how quickly by bringing on board the support of all those near to you.  

Be brave and take on a sponsored challenge.  It could be something as simple as a ‘giving up something you love’ challenge, e.g. give up sugar for a week (or longer!) – changing your health for the better too!  Or something thrilling to get your pulse racing, such as one of the phenomenal lifetime challenges we regularly hold locally and abroad – mountain climbing, sky diving etc. email

Holding a bake sale is a no brainer when it comes to raising money – home bakers are always willing to spend time and a couple of pounds worth of ingredients to share their talents. And everyone else loves eating homemade cake!

If you’re into sports, get everyone involved and organise a community football tournament with prizes/trophies, a video game tournament with friends or any sport you fancy! 

Be ambitious – don’t be shy!  Set yourself a high but realistic target and you will find that everyone is willing to help you reach it.  Most people will be happy to support you with a nominal amount, especially when it’s so easy to donate online, and this will quickly snowball into a substantial figure that will make a huge difference to the lives of the beneficiaries.

If you’re stuck for ideas, use this link to find a more detailed list of fundraising ideas or have a chat with a member of our team.  We guarantee to find you something that will tick your boxes and get you raising that cash for those in need. We can also help you set up a justgiving page or if you need sponsorship forms for your fundraising idea, they can be downloaded here.



Food, food and more food such as burgers are always a huge hit and can raise lots of money for your cause.



Take your hobby and make an activity out of it, why not push yourself to take on a bike riding challenge.


Car Wash

Get your local Car wash involved and raise awareness amongst your community! You can turn this into a day out with food sales and more!



For those who love their video games, this ensures you have LOTS of fun whilst raising money for your chosen cause. You can charge an entrance fee to anyone that wishes to take part and arrange a prize for the winner.



Such a simple way to fundraise yet so effective, auction various items on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. You will find many items in your home and you can always ask family and friends as well as local businesses to donate items to auction.



Instead of driving to work or using public transport, use this fundraising idea to get into shape and donate the money you will save from buying tickets and filling up on petrol. This idea will allow you to put your money towards a better cause, stay fit and is also good for the environment!


Zip Wire

Brace Yourself! Why not try out Europe’s longest zip wire here in the UK.



Get your local community, school or sporting club involved. Hold a sports day with the classic activities like an egg & spoon race, sack race and three-legged race, balloon tennis and lots more. Or maybe you want to do something more competitive like a football or badminton tournament with entrance fees and prizes.



Don’t have the time but really want to your bit? Then here’s how create your own fundraising page on various platforms and start fundraising

You can use social media such as Facebook and WhatsApp to really get the message out about the cause you are fundraising for, and get your family and friends to support!


Mountain Climbs

Organise a mountain climb with many ideal destinations within the UK, have an adventurous day out with friends while raising funds for a good cause.


Book Sales

Recycle your old books, allowing others to lose themselves to a new journey through an online auction on your social media.



Who doesn’t love a nice cake? These type of events always do well and often you can get items donated for free or maybe your friends and family can help you bake the cakes. As for car boot sales, well everyone loves a bargain, all you need is space and items to sell and indeed they will sell too.


Heena Nights

Gather the girls around and have a girl’s night! You can have food, good company while you get your mehndi done. Why not get pampered at the same time!