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Fidya and Kaffarah

Understand Fidya & Kaffarah and Pay Now

Fasting is obligatory for all adult Muslims in the month of Ramadan, providing they are in good health, of sound mind and physically able.

Fidya and Kaffarah, both relating to different situations, are the acts of monetary compensation that must be paid to the poor as expiation for unkept fasts. Fidya and Kaffarah can be paid at any time throughout the year while Fitrana, on the other hand, is a mandatory charity that must be paid by every Muslim towards the end of each Ramadan.


Fidya is an obligation for those who have a valid reason for not fasting and will be unable to make up for the missed fasts afterwards (due to serious illness or old age for example.) For every fast that is missed, one is obliged to pay to provide the daily sustenance of a person in need which is £5 per missed fast.


Kaffarah is payable when you have missed or broken a fast without a valid reason during Ramadan. To atone for the missed/intentionally broken fast you must fast continuously for 60 days or if unable to do so you have to feed 60 people at a rate of £5 per person. This amounts to £300 kaffarah per missed/intentionally broken fast.