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Education Appeal

In a rapidly changing world, education is the key to ending long term poverty and for opening the doors to a viable future. Sadly, a fifth of school age children around the world do not have access to any education. An empowering and self-propagating resource, Global Relief Trust is passionate about providing high quality education to all children.  For adults too, we deliver skills and knowledge programmes enabling them to secure employment and work their way out of poverty.


  • 124 million children and young people have either never started school or have dropped out, and the number is rising – over 70 million of these are primary age children
  • 1 in 6 secondary school age children in the world are out of in school.
  • Almost half of the children who are not in school are in countries affected by war or disasters
  • Almost 1/5 of adults globally are illiterate and therefore do not have the necessary means to improve their living conditions

Transforming Lives

Global Relief Trust aim to create maximum impact through a multi-faceted approach to education. As well as providing essential educational resources and infrastructure, we provide training for teachers and work with local and national government to develop and deliver innovative educational programmes.  Additionally, we closely link together our education and health programmes.

Our response

  • Supporting and building schools – Global Relief Trust support numerous educational projects for both children and adults. In conflict zones particularly, our schools are a haven of safety and stability for vulnerable children, creating a conducive learning environment
  • ProtectionOur schools, orphanages, vocational and skills centres all have protection units to ensure beneficiaries are given the confidence to speak out against abuse
  • Health and wellbeingour educational centres implement numerous projects for children as well as the wider community such as health and hygiene workshops, dental health checks, vaccinations as well as mental health support
  • Gender Justice – with a significantly lower uptake of education for girls around the globe, we tackle cultural inequalities by doing our best to ensure that equal numbers of boys and girls attend our educational facilities

A monthly donation of £20 can provide an education to a child, gifting them with lifelong opportunities. Or for as little as £5, you can provide a child with an educational pack.

Gift them the gift of education



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