Coronavirus Appeal

Coronavirus Emergency

In a matter of mere months, the deadly coronavirus Covid-19 has claimed the lives of over 30,000 people, while almost 700,000 have been confirmed to be infected in at least 170 countries. The reach of the virus has been rapid, exponential and indiscriminate. No one is safe – from world leaders to the aristocracy and the rest of the world.

Few remain unaffected by the impact of the virus but as always, those suffering the most are those living in poverty, the elderly and those suffering worldwide from the effects of conflict and natural disasters.

Global Relief Trust have been swift to respond on both a local and international level as the pandemic widens its reach.


Unnecessary panic buying and stockpiling has led to empty supermarket shelves. Coupled together with the advice to self-isolate and keep social distance, it has become impossible for the most vulnerable in our communities to access essential provisions.

The Elderly

The most vulnerable group to this disease – many elderly live from week to week waiting for their pension. With many living on their own with no family nearby, they are the least able to stock up on groceries and essential supplies.

Low income families

They also do not have the luxury of being able to stockpile, living on weekly payments. Now that schools have shut, those with children on free school meals are struggling to feed their children the extra meal that schools used to provide. Families with newborns are struggling to locate nappies and baby milk.

Our Response

Over the last few weeks, Global Relief Trust have been providing hundreds of emergency packs and essentials to the elderly and the needy.

Family Essential Packs

An average size of family will benefit from these packs for a week.

£40 can provide a family with emergency essentials

Newborn Essential Packs

Will provide weeks supply baby food, nappies and wipes to families in need.

£20 will provide a baby with baby milk/food, nappies and wipes

International Response

For the millions in countries already suffering from poverty and/or conflict the Coronavirus pandemic brings further misery. Basics like soap, clean running water and sanitary toilet facilities are luxuries for individuals and families.

With poorly funded and under-resourced medical facilities, the pandemic is on course to cause total havoc. Testing kits are a rarity and hospitals are already over-stretched with malnourished children and people who are already suffering from lack of adequate healthcare.

Global Relief Trust is responding by providing vital awareness projects, personal hygiene kits, medical support and personal protective equipment to hospitals.

£10 Helps fund awareness projects

£30 Providing supplies to hospitals

£25 Providing a two week pack to the needy