Burundi Appeal

A forgotten country which has been described as the ‘hungriest nation in the world’, Burundi is amongst the worst three countries in the world. Decades of civil war and political unrest have unsurprisingly resulted in major economic instability. Aid work by NGO’s is very minimal due to the volatile situation. A unique focus area for us, we started working in Burundi since 2018, providing Qurbani and hot meal distribution.

Our Response

Global Relief Trust are now in the process of building:

  • a state-of-the-art school for over 300 children
  • an orphanage to house 100 orphans
  • community centres across some of the hills and jungles where the most deprived communities live 

With your donations, we can make a significant difference to communities in this neglected country and help them to thrive.

Please donate now and help save lives.