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Between 2010 and 2016, poverty fell significantly in the country, specifically in rural areas where it dropped down to to 26.4%, Alhamdulillah! Urban poverty had decreased by over 2% as well; but on the other hand, almost 1 in 4 Bangladeshis are still living in extreme poverty.

The healthcare system is not greatly accessible in rural Bangladesh with healthcare professionals being concentrated in urban cities, despite 70% of her population living in rural areas. It also has failed to attract staff, as 58% of all physicians work within the private sector, meaning that those who live in poverty, cannot afford to access over half of the medical staff in the country due to extortionate medical bills

GRT have been working in Bangladesh for a number of years, and have steadily grown in the impact that we have made.

How you can help:

  • £30 – one family per month or hot meals to feed 500 people at £1000
  • £250 for a shallow water pump and £1000 for a deep well
  • £50 for cataract surgery
  • £360 Orphan sponsorship and scholarship where funds are used to provide university or college fees
  • £500 to provide a family with a start up business

We have also been supporting a school in Bangladesh that provides education to the poorest of children in Sylhet, including orphans. They are given an academic education according to the Bangladeshi curriculum, as well as Islamic education in the forms of hifdh courses.